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The Red Dot Design Award, hosted in Germany, is one of the world’s largest design competitions. The winners are traditionally awarded during a gala in Essen’s Aalto Theatre. Winning products are published in the Red Dot Design Yearbook and exhibited at the Red Dot Design Museums. (Photograph: Red Dot Design Award)

Sep 19, 2017 | EUROPE

Red Dot Award 2017: Expert jury honours outstanding dental products

ESSEN, Germany: A small dot, yet, a great honour and—according to the host—an excellent marketing tool: This year, participants from 54 countries entered a record number of more than 5,500 innovations for the Red Dot Award competition. Among the submissions that impressed the 39-member expert jury with their well-thought-through design were again a number of dental products, including toothbrushes, a portable dental radiographic camera, a CBCT scanner and a 3-D printer. The winners were recently honoured during the Red Dot Gala award ceremony in Essen.

Each year, the award ceremony in Essen’s Aalto Theatre and the after-party in the Red Dot Design Museum attract hundreds of representatives of the world’s most well-known brands, among them Audi, Philips, Puma, and Apple. Companies from all over the globe entered their products in the 48 categories of the 2017 Red Dot Award: Product Design to have them evaluated by the jury. The panel awards a Red Dot to products with a high design quality. The best products in a category are awarded a Red Dot: Best of the Best, while entries that impress with their well-thought-out detail are given an Honourable Mention.

Awarded a Red Dot: Best of the Best, the biobrush, a toothbrush with monochrome colouring developed by the German company of the same name, convinced the jury with its environmentally friendly concept. According to the manufacturer, its design includes basic expert dental features, such as a medium-to-small angled brush head, soft and rounded bristles, and evenly cut bristle tufts. Both the processed bioplastic material for the handle and the packaging are based on plant cellulose produced from wood waste from sustainable forestry. This means that only a fraction of fossil fuel-based resources are required for production, giving the toothbrush an almost negligible carbon footprint. The pigments used and the bioplastic are biodegradable, and the foil of the packaging is even compostable. The nylon for the bristles is made from castor oil, which offers outstanding hygienic properties.

With Quanta Computer’s Q-tube Wi-Fi Teeth Scope Pro and the Q-tube Wi-Fi Otoscope Pro, dentists or ear, nose and throat specialists can show a video stream of the examination live on a monitor to involve patients more closely in their treatment. The Taiwan-made devices that won a Red Dot this year feature a blue-illuminated ring indicating that they are in operation. The camera head is smooth and rounded, and the rubberised and sandblasted surfaces of the elliptically shaped housing have a pleasant feel. The power button is colour-contrasted with the control buttons.

Danish company 3Shape, specialised in digital dentistry, had entered its X1 CBCT Scanner to the competition and was awarded a Red Dot for its design. The device produces 3-D radiographic images of the teeth and jaw and features innovative technology that generates sharp images even if the patient moves, with its carbon construction minimising vibrations that result from the movements of the scanner. This reduces stress for patients, because their heads do not have to be fixated during the scanning process. Furthermore, the calming ambient light and the headrest made of natural wood enhance the patient experience.

Also a Red Dot winner, the Dr. Bei toothbrush, developed by Wuxi Qinghe Xiaobei Technology in China, is made of three materials of different heights. The grey bristles dry quickly and, together with the white bristles, which contain silver ions, prevent the accumulation of bacteria, while the spiral-shaped, coloured layer ensures elasticity. The head of the toothbrush is slim, and the grip is slender and elastic. This lends it a classic stylish appeal and facilitates the cleaning of areas that are difficult to reach. The rubberised area provides a firm grip and visually picks up the dominating bristle colour.

An electric toothbrush produced by German company happybrush also made it to the top products that were honoured with a Red Dot: Best of the Best. According to the expert jury, “The straightforward design turns the happybrush sonic toothbrush into a stylish device for everyday use.” The brush, available in white and black, has three modes—normal, sensitive and polishing—which are easily selected at the push of a button, and an integrated timer that signals the 2-minute recommended brushing time. The lithium-ion battery lasts for up to three weeks.

With the PORT X-IV, a portable dental radiographic camera produced by South Korean company GENORAY, dentists can capture radiographs from any position and at any location. Owing to its low radiation dose, the Red Dot-winning device is claimed to be safe for both patients and dentists. The housing with its rounded edges has deliberately been kept simple to improve patient acceptance. The examination process is shown on the graphic LCD display, and the images can be transmitted via Wi-Fi.

The RAYDENT Studio dental 3-D printer, manufactured by South Korean company Ray, allows dental practices and laboratories to produce customised dental prostheses, surgical stents and orthodontic appliances in-house. The featured LCD and UV technologies enable precise printing results and significant energy savings. Moreover, the sealed front cover protects the user from harmful UV light. Owing to its simple and compact design, with a distinctive oval, curved silhouette, the printer can be integrated into any work environment. For these features and its design, the device was also awarded a Red Dot: Best of the Best.

Developed for dental implantology by Austrian company W&H, the implantmed dental drive unit earned a Red Dot: Best of the Best through its simple design, with clear lines tailored to the hygienic working conditions of dental clinics. The high-quality materials ensure easy and thorough cleaning of the surfaces. The targeted use of green elements highlights the intuitive use of the device. The wireless foot control allows the surgeon freedom of treatment position.

Presented with an Honourable Mention, the usmile U1 was another sonic electric toothbrush that pleased the jury this year. The device, made by Chinese company Guangzhou Haoxing Bay Science and Technology, is equipped with an efficient motor and powerful batteries that guarantee up to six months of operation on a 3-hour charge. According to the manufacturer, the USB charging mode increases the charging efficiency by ten times compared with the standard mode. The toothbrush has three intensities and an integrated timer function and is stored in a wall mounting, saving space and keeping the brush head free from contaminants.

The first of three registration periods for the 2018 Red Dot Award: Product Design will begin on 9 October.


by Dental Tribune International