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Opallis More Technology in a microhybrid composite resin with particle size of about 0,5 µm indicated for direct restoration of anterior and posterior teeth. This new version of Opallis gathers the entire composite’s well acknowledge features (four translucence levels, wide range of shades, opalescence and fluorescence, excellent mechanical performance, etc.) and two competitive clinical characteristics such as: viscosity and brightness. By implementing an innovative silanization process of load particles, higher dispersion and interaction between load and monomers a softer consistency and higher rheological stability was provided to the formula, without losing proper carving ability. The brightness level obtained throughout procedures is another improved feature of this new version of the composite, and that was conferred to the formula by adjusting the load particles distribution on enamel and effect shades. The technology that goes through a demanding quality control by using sophisticated equipment such as rheometers, thermal analyzers, spectrophotometers, micro hardness testing machines and many others. All that was developed for you so that you can offer the best composite there is to your patients: Opallis More Technology!



  • This new version confers higher brightness to the formula improving results on enamel and effect shades.
  • The composite’s consistency is softer, allowing for high carving ability.
  • The enamel and dentin shades follow the VITA Classical scale faithfully.
  • Easy shades identification through the letter E (Enamel), D (Dentin), T (Translucence), O (extra opaque) and V (value).
  • Specified shades for bleached teeth (E-Bleach L, E-Bleach H, E-Bleach M, D-Bleach).
  • Wide range of shades in various degrees of translucency for exceptional aesthetic demands (T-yellow, T-blue, T-orange, T-neutral, VH, VM, VL).
  • The mechanical properties follow requirements of restorations on anterior and posterior teeth.
  • Excellent radiopacity.
  • Lifelike Opalescence.
  • Fluorescence balanced to the teeth’s structure.
  • Elevated level of conversion.
  • Reduces superficial roughness contributing to the maintenance of restorations’ gloss and longevity.
  • Ergonomic package, caps fitted to syringes body.
  • Low sensitivity to light.