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The new Tyscor suction system generation has an impressively high level of energy efficiency

Fifty years ago, the possibilities for ergonomic dental treatment reached a whole new level - with suction systems from Dürr Dental that were tailored to the needs of dental surgeries. Since then, the company has been constantly improving its technology. Dürr Dental's engineers have now devised a completely new way of approaching things. The upshot of this new strategy can be seen in a particularly efficient generation of dental suction systems. They're quieter, smaller, lighter, reduce energy consumption by up to 50% and are called "Tyscor V".

Nowadays, it's simply impossible to imagine running a dental surgery without suction systems. Dürr Dental began distributing them as a pioneer as early as 1964. Back then, systematic spray mist suction was able to set about successfully combating two fundamental problems: The exposure of both patients and staff to aerosol-based germs and the uncomfortable working posture of dentists, which until then had been unavoidable. It's hard to think of another innovation that has made so much progress with regard to the known prevalence of back complaints in dentists. At last, it was possible for dentists to treat reclined patients whilst they themselves were sitting down.

Today, energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important and this is where Dürr Dental has made inroads with its recent technological breakthrough. The engineers have designed the new Tyscor generation of suction machines to work with radial compressors instead of side channel blowers. Until now, radial compressors have mainly been used for industrial and domestic applications. Larger-sized examples include ventilation and air-conditioning systems as well as refrigeration engineering - sectors in which reliability and endurance are vital.

Tyscor suction machines are characterized by the usual reliability of all Dürr Dental products. They are easy to insall with the help of the tried-and-trusted dental trade experts. They demonstrate a high level of failure safety and are low-maintenance. Ingeniously, they completely blend into the background - especially since the Tyscor generation works even more quietly than its predecessors.

If necessary, a dry Tyscor suction machine can be converted into a wet system with no trouble at all. Thanks to its modular design, the separation system is easily integrated into the existing unit.

Naturally, the new suction units are networkable and can be used with Tyscor Pulse software. This means that you can conveniently set your suction machine to one of three different suction levels (Eco, Balanced, and Boost) from a PC. Above all, users tend to save 50% in energy costs compared with traditional devices, thanks to demand-based control of the vacuum.

The Tyscor suction machine generation is available now, with each unit being accessible by two dentists. Tyscor V 2 is the dry suction unit and Tyscor VS2 is the wet variant. The CA 2 is also available as a suitable amalgam filtration device.