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Other products of Suni Medical Imaging, Inc.


The importance of balanced sensor design

Dentists’ ability to diagnose and treat their patients depends significantly on the quality of their X-ray imaging. The difference between high-quality and low-quality X-rays can be the difference in diagnosing small, difficult-to-discern intraoral pathologies or overlooking them entirely. That’s why Suni’s digital sensors are designed to produce crystal clear, well-balanced images at high resolutions. The CRA Foundation recently tested the SuniRay2 sensor and gave it an overall image quality rating of “Excellent.”
The SuniRay2 digital sensor includes our proprietary Suni CMOS chip combined with a specially-designed scintillator screen and 2 mm Fiber-optic plate, ensuring a high-quality X-ray image every time. Our digital sensors are designed to strike the perfect balance between low-radiation doses, signal-to-noise ratio, and line pairs per millimeter—an optimal blend that guarantees excellent image-quality captured at maximum speed. And with the packaged SuniRay software, which includes a superior Advanced Imaging Module that automatically optimises the image, Suni’s digital sensors deliver images with optimum contrast at resolutions that meet or exceed the resolution of the human eye.

Suni’s perfectly balanced digital sensor design

Suni Medical Imaging has been pioneering state-of-the-art digital sensor designs for over 20 years, leading the industry with innovative, balanced, and safe digital sensor technology.
Suni designs, develops, and manufactures all of its industry-leading digital sensors right from their Silicon Valley headquarters, and always strives to craft sensors that strike the perfect balance between high-quality imaging, durability, and safety.