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The unique biologic and mechanical features of the V3 implant encourage bone regeneration and greater volume of bone; supporting highly stable surrounding soft tissues and more esthetic restorations. Each and every V3 implant comes with a sterile, single-use final drill.

The "V" Concept is a universal approach to implant dentistry that takes into consideration the entire structure: The innovative V3 implant and the advanced prosthetic appliance. The abutment has a concave emergence profile that takes full advantage of the extra soft tissue gained through the V3 design, for exceptional esthetic outcomes.


  • MORE BONE: The compression-free gaps around the coronal area of the V3 provide a reservoir for blood pooling and the formation of blood clots, for faster implant integration and accelerated bone growth.
  • STRESS REDUCTION: The gaps around the sides of the implant neck result in an open, compression-free zone. Crestal bone loss is minimized by reducing stress in the cortical bone.
  • IMPLANT NECK: The triangular shape at the V3 neck provides high immediate crestal stability and maximum bone preservation. Anchorage is achieved at three points without compromising crestal primary stability.
  • ULTIMATE CONNECTION: A 12 degree conical connection creates an ultimate seal and ideal connection between the implant and abutment. Platform switching preserves crestal bone around the implant for better bone preservation, reduction of micro-movements and an excellent gingival seal for high soft tissue volume.