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Inclusive® Tapered Implant System
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Inclusive® Tapered Implant System

Glidewell Laboratories, USA

 Inclusive® Tapered Implants are machined from high-grade titanium alloy and incorporate design features for achieving high primary stability, crestal bone preservation, soft tissue maintenance, maximum bone-to-implant contact, natural root shape, and compatibility with popular prosthetic components and instrumentation. Inclusive Tapered Implants are available in three major diameters, each of which is available in five lengths. Two standard prosthetic platform sizes (3.5 mm, 4.5 mm) minimizes the number of system components and simplifies the restorative process.

The coronal 3 mm of each implant feature parallel-walled microthreads, designed to increase bone-to-implant contact at the crest of the ridge. Apical to that, the microthreads transition to double-lead buttress threads, with the outer diameter of the implant tapering at 2 degrees, and the inner diameter tapering at 3 degrees. This dual-thread design enhances initial stability, while the two self-tapping grooves facilitate a simplified surgical protocol.

Inclusive Tapered Implants feature resorbable blast media (RBM) surface technology. First introduced in the early 1990s, RBM surfaces have become one of the most reliable and widely used dental implant surface technologies in the world. The RBM surface on Inclusive Tapered Implants is created by blasting the implant with a soluble calcium phosphate material, creating a macro surface roughness. The subsequent passivation process results in a highly textured, ultra-clean surface. The end result is an implant with an average Ra value of 1.5 µ. This RBM surface is a well-documented, proven surface that leads to high success in all bone types.