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Champions® “Prep Caps”
Champions® “Prep Caps”

One-Piece Champions®

Champions is unique worldwide as it offers a wide range of one-piece implants that are available in various lengths, diameters and shapes. We can deliver articles on commission if you are a new customer. One- piece implants are inserted according to the MIMI® procedure, the Minimally Invasive Method of Implantation.

This implant type, including the implant thread and the implant head, consists of just one piece. Unlike two-piece implants, the one-piece implant type has no micro-gap at all. The following two disadvantages of one-piece implants have been discussed in literature:

1) Insertion divergences and

2) Temporary phase for small implant units

Ad 1) Insertion divergences: with cementable "Prep-Caps" (available in zircon, ceramics, grade 4 titanium and WIN!), insertion and implant axis divergences of one-piece Champions® can be compensated. Prep- Caps serve as "crowns" or abutments, which can be prepared parallely after cementation. The exact preparation process of the implant head in the mouth of the patient is completely painless for the patient since it is done "above the gingiva". The preparation is carried out in accordance with an approved reference dental laboratory, where dental technicians and dentists also discuss and determine the tooth color and the creation of the crowns.

Ad 2): The first 2nd to 8th weeks after implantation are considered as particularly critical because in this phase, all implants are sensitive towards side shear forces. If there are micro-motions or macro-motions during this phase (for instance, because the temporary gets broken) or because of lack of cooperation of the patient, there can be problems with the implants. The right creation of the temporary restoration for one- piece implants is very important for a MIMI® implantation.



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