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GrandioSO Heavy Flow, the new, high-viscosity flowable universal nano hybrid restorative, is equipped with a very high filler content (83 w/w%) and exceptional stability in comparison to conventional flow composites. Thus, it is recommended for any type of treatment that relies particularly on these qualities, such as treatment of class V cavities, restorations in the upper jaw area, and splinting of teeth in orthodontics, periodontics and traumatology. For composite restorations that are directly modelled in the mouth the increased viscosity results in simplified and stress-free placement of the composite layers, coinciding with excellent wetting properties.

GrandioSO Heavy Flow is suitable for the following indications: minimally invasive restorations of all types, restorations of small class I cavities and extended fissure-sealing, class II to V restorations including treatment of cuneiform defects and cervical caries, blocking-out of undercuts, repair of fillings and veneers, luting of translucent prostheses (e.g. full ceramic crowns), interlocking and splinting of teeth with glass fibre strands such as GrandTEC. It can also be used as base material, in combination with glass fibre strands, for the fabrication of semi-permanent crowns and bridges.

GrandioSO Heavy Flow is subject to far lower shrinkage during polymerisation (2.96 %) than conventional flow materials, and it also features high compressive and flexural strength (417 MPa and 159 MPa respectively), an E-modulus that is extremely high for a flowable material (11.85 GPa), high surface hardness (175 MHV), as well as low abrasion (40 µm, ACTA with 200,000 cycles). The user will soon discover the advantages of this slow flowing composite which complements flowables with conventional viscosity. On the one hand, it offers a longer working period during which the material can be placed in the cavity and distributed before polymerisation. On the other hand, less time is required for the removal of any excess that may arise due to running of the material.

Due to its reduced flowability, GrandioSO Heavy Flow is outstandingly suited for all fillings where elaborate sculpting is either not required or not wanted. Here, its excellent material and handling properties make GrandioSO Heavy Flow superior to many packable composites. GrandioSO Heavy Flow may also be used in ideal combination with the new VOCO composite GrandioSO.

GrandioSO Heavy Flow is available both in the non-running, non-dripping NDT syringe in 10 shades, and as Caps in five shades.



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